Amazing photos of babies on the blackboard

Amazing photos of babies on the blackboard

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There are photographs of babies of all kinds. Photos of sleepy babies, surprised, laughing, angry babies. Photos of babies on stages created with colored sheets, babies in disguise. But the creativity of photographers knows no limits. Y something as simple as a blackboard suddenly becomes the best frame for the perfect snapshot.

The photographer Anna Eftimie creates authentic jewels based on chalk strokes on blackboard. You just need a white chalk, your image and a baby. The result, images as incredible as these.

Anything can happen on a blackboard. It is like a blank canvas at the mercy of the artist's imagination. So suddenly, a stork with a newborn or an improvised ballet with dancing cats may appear out of nowhere. The baby may decide to throw a party and become the king of the track. Or perhaps you prefer to walk through a forest surrounded by friendly animals.

In the photographs of Anna Eftimie, babies can fly. They just need to hold onto a star, a cloud, or the moon. So they can walk, like cats, on the rooftops of the city. Or perhaps they prefer to take a trip ... for example, by tram.

Babies of Anna Eftimie they are adventurers. They have no fear and many dreams to fulfill. Ride a skateboard, travel with pirates, discover treasures. Swimming with mermaids. Snuggle between cotton clouds. Or play the final of a soccer world cup.

The best thing about contemplating these incredible photographs is that awaken our creativity, that instinct that we all have and from time to time we must feed. That instinct that makes us look for a different photograph, decorate the moment, add our dreams or the dreams of our baby. Because a photograph can be just a photograph or be something else. It's up to you.

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