Legal regulations for adoption in the USA

Legal regulations for adoption in the USA

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The legal requirements for adopting a baby vary from country to country. If you are thinking about adoption to increase your family, there are legal aspects that you should know depending on where you live. In U.S.A there are various possibilities of adopting a baby and the legal rules are governed by each state.

Compared to adoption procedures in other countries, the rules in the US are more flexible. You can opt for domestic adoption or within your own country or for international adoption and the intermediaries through which the baby can be found are various, thus increasing the adoption possibilities.

In the US, adoption is surrounded by multiple possibilities. You can adopt a baby in the traditional way, but you can also take in the child for a certain time. In many cases, adoption also includes some contact with the biological family of the baby, especially if you have siblings who have not been adopted into the same family.

There is no single place to start the procedures to adopt, as in countries like Mexico, Colombia or Spain. There are National Public Agencies that are more oriented to the adoption of children with problems. In these cases, the adoption process does not require much time and financially the outlay is about $ 2,500.

Both time and money change if you choose one Private Adoption Agency, a place where biological mothers who want to give their children up for adoption can choose the most suitable family for their baby. Families must pass an eligibility test and are placed on a waiting list. You can also go to a Independent Adoption Agency, in which case it is necessary to have a lawyer so that all the procedures are done legally.

In the US, the rules for adopting the adoptive family are less strict than elsewhere. They can adopt couples, married couples or single people who present psychological and material guarantees for the baby to enjoy a good quality of life. However, the procedures for determining whether a family or person who wants to adopt is eligible are more relative than in other countries.

The minimum age to adopt a baby is considerably reduced compared to other countries, with the United States being the minimum age established for adopting from 18 years. This age can vary in each state and the same happens with the years of difference that must exist between the person who adopts and the adopted minor, which is only of 10 years. In most states, adoption by same-sex couples is prohibited, but this impediment can be easily remedied by allowing adoption by only one person.

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