The benefits of children's swimming

The benefits of children's swimming

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Suitable for people of all ages, the swimming it is one of the most complete sports activities. With this sport, muscles, motor coordination and the circulatory and respiratory system are worked and exercised. It also contributes to the development of independence and the child's self-confidence.

For babies, the benefits are many. Swimming improves your cardiorespiratory abilities, favors your postural alignment and benefits your muscular coordination, developing your sensory and psychomotor abilities.

- Improves coordination, balance and knowledge of space.

- Beneficial for the cardiovascular condition, they improve the resistance of the baby.

- Increases strength thanks to muscular exercises, favoring an early development of psychomotor skills such as crawling or walking.

- Gentle exercises, combined with water at a comfortable temperature, relax the baby and stimulate its appetite, getting him to eat and sleep better. Consequently, your character and behavior will improve.

- Expands the capacity of your respiratory system and proper regulation of your blood circulation.

- The baby feels more secure and enjoys learning to swim a lot as he feels that his parents have their attention focused on him.

- Increases the baby's feeling of independence and self-confidence. Even if he is not walking yet, the baby can move in the water by himself, and this can favor the awakening of his intelligence.

- The baby learns to swim in a fun and healthy way. And knowing how to swim is also a safety measure. Do not forget that there is a large percentage of accidents due to drowning of children.

- Stimulates self-confidence and therefore improves communication with others.

- Helps the baby to initiate socialization without trauma.

- Expand the horizon of shared games.

- Activate the fun and spirit of the game.

- Consolidate the bonds of affection with their relatives.

- Introduces self-care behaviors, turning them into highly necessary habits.

- Living together will help them to relate better and share activities with other people.

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