A mother's tricks to get her baby to eat

A mother's tricks to get her baby to eat

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There are parents who have tried everything to get their baby to eat: sing, tell a story, dance, bring him colorful toys ... But babies' attention is fleeting and in the end, despair always comes. When giving our son a bowl of fruit puree that should be eaten in three minutes goes up to three-quarters of an hour, we can say yes, we have a problem.

But babies also have a weakness. Each one, a different one. There are babies who are hypnotized by a soap bubble. Others let the minutes pass by crumpling a piece of paper. And many, yes, many, who do not take their eyes off their mobile if what they see is their favorite song. Finding what entertains our child while eating can be our salvation.

Many babies have a predilection for mobile phones. They grab it, they suck it and if they discover that this little gadget hides surprising and colorful pictures and catchy rhythmic songs, they won't want anything else.

A mother with problems giving fruit to her baby, came to the conclusion that the mobile would be her lifeline. The only way for your son to eat was to leave him his cell phone. But being very small, the smartphone ended up at the bottom of the plate of mash or stamped on the floor.

The solution came from the ingenuity in a moment of desperation. The mother devised them to capture her daughter's attention without having to leave her mobile. How did he keep looking at her face all the time while giving her the fruit porridge? Very simple: tying the mobile to the forehead. Simple and effective.

However, from there comes the dilemma: Is this mother doing well? Is it really necessary to get to use the mobile for the baby to eat? In the end, your child eats quickly, not knowing that he is eating. He is only aware of the drawings, and opens his mouth automatically, as a reflex action. Are you missing out on enjoying food? No matter how long it takes us, no matter how many bodies coated in fruit puree we have to wash, no matter how many crying and tantrums ... perhaps the best tool for the baby to learn to eat is our time.

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