The importance of sport for children's health

The importance of sport for children's health

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Healthy lifestyles are the main determinants of children's health status. In addition to having an adequate diet and taking care of safeguarding the environment, if we do sports regularly and instill in our children the practice of sport, we will be guaranteeing their adequate state of health.

Playing sports has many advantages, also for children. But it is also true that there are sports more recommended than others, especially during the growing age.

The sport has countless clinical benefits and advantages for the children and for their future. Playing sports during childhood can prevent future ailments. Here are some of the advantages of playing sports since childhood:

- First, the patterns of physical activity established during childhood continue into adulthood.

- Second, physical activity is associated with lower rates of high blood pressure.

- Third, total body fat, obesity and overweight rates are reduced.

Sport has many benefits for children too with some type of disability or disorder. It is necessary to try that children with some disability or chronic diseases do an adapted sport, which allows them to see themselves as 'one more', not as 'a different one'. His pediatrician will tell him which sport is best for him. For example, children with hemophilia should avoid contact sports, but swimming may be advised. Children with diabetes will slightly modify the amount of insulin administered, and will always carry some fast-absorbing carbohydrate in case they have a drop in glucose.

The ideal sport for children must meet a series of requirements:

1. The important thing is to individualize it, personalize it. That this tailored to your needs.

2. It must be attractive enough to encourage the child to practice it regularly.

3. Keep in mind that not all children are 'medal athletes': the important thing is that they have a good time, not that they compete to be the best.

4. And we must not forget that children's sports are a good excuse to practice sports as a family.

However, there are physical sports that should be avoided during childhood. For example, all sports what does lifting weights entailas it can damage the growth plate.

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