When the child dreams of falling. How to interpret childhood dreams

When the child dreams of falling. How to interpret childhood dreams

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We are completely asleep, in a deep sleep, and suddenly ... boom! In our imagination, whatever the circumstance, we fall to the ground, and as a general rule, we wake up in a daze. This not only happens to adults, but it is also quite common in children, who constantly dream that they end lying on the ground.

Since it is a most usual dream, it is necessary that we know what exactly it means for our son to dream that he is walking so slowly, or maybe flying in his dream image, and suddenly falls to the ground.

When the child dreams that he falls, this can have two types of meanings. In the positive reading that must always be done to any oneiric symbolism, we can take into account that falling to the ground and get up again it contains that new opportunity to start.

For children, falling to the ground but being able to collect themselves and continue your activity it is very important, so the same thing happens the moment you dream it. Therefore, it is necessary that at first glance we make that completely positive meaning that has to do with dreaming of a fall but its later moment in which the child gets up.

However, it is true that this case is present in this symbolism that momentarily moves away from the positivism of the first meaning. The other vision contains a little difficultyas it speaks of an omen in which the child stumbles and later falls with a process of learning or development that at that moment is not able to carry out.

Therefore, it is advisable to be attentive to change process that the child lives in real life, and that for reasons beyond his control he is having a hard time coping, in order for him to be able to advance both in reality and in his dreams.

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