Homemade tricks to remove fruit stains from children's clothing

Homemade tricks to remove fruit stains from children's clothing

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Feeding our children fruit is very common, and when we finally get them to like it, it becomes a festival of flavor. Above all, with those pieces like watermelon or cherries, which are eaten by fruit-loving children during good weather.

However, many times this moment ends with the clothes completely stain loss, which are not only removed in the washing machine. Therefore, it is necessary that we take into account certain home tricks and simple remedies.

The first thing we have to do when we discover those stains or 'lamparones' of fruit on the clothes of the little ones in the house, it is to know what we are facing and how we can solve it. Many times, sending garments directly to the washing machine or simply hand washing with soap is not enough.

So when we want remove the fruit remains of our children's clothing, we must have certain infallible products: lemon juice, ammonia when it comes to wool, hydrogen peroxide if the garment is not too delicate, glycerin for fine garments, or salt and milk. To know what to do at any given time, if we have any of these ingredients, everything will be much easier.

- The glycerin soap trick: If our son has had a wonderful time eating watermelon, for example, his bodysuit or shirt will probably be full of red spots. To remove them if the garment is delicate, we can use soapy water that has glycerin, or apply it after the previous mixture. When we let it sit, they will disappear much more easily.

- Lemon water for whitening: It is well known that lemon juice is a natural bleach, and if we see that our little ones have made a real cherry festival, applying lemon and leaving it in the sun, the garments will return to their being.

- Peroxide: When the clothing in question is not excessively delicate, we can apply both peroxide or even alcohol, which will make the stains thinner. Using salt and milk is also a very useful home trick.

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