The wood pigeon. Mexican short stories

The wood pigeon. Mexican short stories

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Once upon a time there was a brave and handsome warrior. He loved to hunt and thus often went through the woods chasing animals. On one of his hunts, he came to a lake and, full of amazement, saw a beautiful woman sailing in a canoe.

The warrior was so in love that, many times, he returned to the place with the intention of seeing her; but it was useless, because, before his eyes, only the waters of the lake shone.

Then he asked a sorceress for advice, who said:

- You will never see her again, unless you agree to become a pigeon.

- I just want to see her again!

- If you become a pigeon you will never regain your human form.

- I just want to see her again!

- If you wish, your will be done.

The sorceress stuck a thorn in his neck and immediately the young man turned into a dove. It took off and went to the lake and perched on a branch. In a little while he saw the woman and, unable to contain himself, he threw himself at her feet and made a thousand cuddles.

The woman took him in her hands and, caressing him, removed the thorn that was stuck in his neck. He never should have, for the pigeon bowed its head and fell dead! Seeing this, the desperate woman sank the same thorn into her neck and turned into a dove. And since that day he cries the death of his pigeon.

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