Shocking letter to the Magi from a girl who suffers bullying

Shocking letter to the Magi from a girl who suffers bullying

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Paula writes her letter to the Magi. But this Christmas, in his letter he does not ask for dolls or games. He does not ask for the latest album by his favorite singer. No video games. In her letter, Paula asks her classmates to leave her alone.

This is Paula's moving letter to the Three Wise Men, a spot that serves to warn parents about the impact that bullying can have on their children.

The letter from this 11-year-old girl who is bullied is the Christmas spot of the Spanish association for the prevention of bullying, a hell suffered by one in four children in Spain. Paula's letter goes like this:

'Dear Three Wise Men, this year I have been very good. I have gotten good grades and I have done everything that my father, mother and the teacher have told me. For this reason, this year, I am only going to ask you that Eva and María leave me alone and don't mess with me anymore. And that Luis stop taking my breakfast.

I'm sick of others laughing when Pedro messes with me in class. I don't understand why they do it, if I don't do anything to them.

I would also like to ask you for a friend to play with and not feel alone.

Thank you very much. He loves you very much, Paula. '

Only 10% of cases of harassment are of physical abuse. 90% is psychological violence, darts that undermine the child's self-esteem, insults, laughter, 'nicknames' ... humiliations of all kinds that transform the school environment into a prison, and a nightmare for the victim.

In some countries they try to stop bullying by using 'bystanders' to support the victim. In other words, all classmates who contemplate this situation indifferently must learn to take their side, so that the bully feels isolated and loses all his power. And parents, can they do something?

1. The first, be alert, learn to detect signs of bullying in your child. Talk to him, ask him every day about what he does at school. Participate in their school life.

2. Create a climate of trust with your child so that you can tell him everything that concerns you.

3. Teach children to understand and manage their emotions, to express their concerns and to be assertive.

4. Set limits and norms, but also give the child responsibilities so that they gain confidence in themselves.

5. Before any symptoms of bullying in the child, go immediately to talk to teachers and the school principal.

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