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7 benefits of hugs for children

7 benefits of hugs for children

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There is a simple, mundane and free act that brings us more benefits than many therapies, it is the hug. The simple fact of receiving a hug makes us feel loved, protected, understood, comforted ...

Hugging is a sign of affection towards another person and also, it brings so many benefits that we should not skimp on them, especially when those who receive them are children. In We tell you a few advantages that the simple act of hugging them brings to your children.

1- They create a feeling of protection and security in children: helps them feel safe and have more confidence in themselves.

2- Stimulates children's self-esteem: they convey affection and support, so the child will feel more self-confident and will have greater self-esteem.

3- Happier children: hugs activate endorphins, responsible for increasing feelings of joy and fullness and reducing anxiety or sadness.

4- Brings calmChildren feel more calm and quiet when their parents take them in their arms.

5- Strengthen the bond: improves the bond between parents and children and encourages attachment in the family.

6- Reduce stress: physical contact reduces the production of a hormone, cortisol, which promotes stress, and increases the hormones responsible for producing feelings of well-being.

7- Improves moodIf the child is feeling sad or down, a good hug will provide support, understanding and comfort.

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