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For your baby to be born in March, you must get pregnant in June

For your baby to be born in March, you must get pregnant in June

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These ready to get pregnantYou wish it, you have thought about it and, of course, you have made the decision with your partner, so a smile is seen on your face just by thinking about being one of the family. It happened to me too, what's more, when I decided that I wanted to be a mother, it was to see a baby on the street and get excited. And it is that motherhood is something magical even before it begins, don't you think?

If you can't wait any longer and want that your baby is born in March, in We recommend that you use a good calculator. It will help you know when is the ideal time to attempt conception. However, we know as well as you that in addition to the desire to be a mother and the illusion that this entails, we must take into account a lot more things: job stability, the trip you have to do yes or yes the month you comes the idea of ​​moving to a slightly larger house ... Not to mention the insecurities of our own that we all feel. To make everything a little easier for you and so that you can give birth just when you want, we have prepared a manual so you know when to get pregnant. We started!

June will be the month indicated in which you must stay in status for your child to be born in March. If everything goes according to plan, the first trimester of pregnancy will be from June to August, the second trimester will go from September to November and the third and last from December to February, approximate delivery date: March.How exciting!

As we continue in our endeavor to make everything much easier for you, we are going to see three calculators. With the first you will know the luteal phase, ovulation and menstruation. With the second you can find out your ideal weight during pregnancy and with the third calculator you will learn what is gestational age.

- Luteal phase, ovulation and menstruation calculator.
Do you know what the luteal phase is? It is the third phase of the menstrual cycle which begins just after ovulation and lasts until the day before the next menstrual period. It lasts for an average of 12 to 14 days and appears after ovulation. It is also characterized by the appearance in the ovary of a tissue very rich in cholesterol that gives its name to the corpus luteum.

The luteal phase continues its development if the ovum has been fertilized, although conception has not occurred, the levels of estrogen and progesterone decrease and prepare for the following period. Hence the importance of calculating when it occurs.

- Ideal weight during pregnancy calculator
One of the most common concerns is to know if the correct weight is being gained throughout the pregnancy, something that will depend on each woman. To give you a general orientation, we will tell you that doctors see it as normal for a pregnant woman to gain from 11 to 16 kilos, everything depends, of course, on the size and height of each one.

It is important, first of all, not to obsess over weight and second, to try to gain the right weight each trimester: neither to get up from the table hungry nor to overeat by indulging in every whim. Take a look at this calculator, you just have to put your weight before pregnancy and the week of gestation in which you are. You will see in the result the approximate weight that you should have.

- How to calculate gestational age
Another common question when you are pregnant is to know your gestational age, that is, to know exactly what week of your pregnancy you are in. For this you can use the following rules. The first is called Naegele's rule and consists of adding 7 days to the first day of the last menstruation and subtracting three months. The second is called Wahl's rule, it is added ten to the first day of the last menstruation and then back three months. The third is called Pinard's rule and consists of adding ten days to the last day of the last menstruation and going back three months.

We have already looked at the calendar too well, don't you think? Time to focus on have everything ready for when your baby is born in March. To do this, plan ahead, it is the best way to put aside the stresses, all the things that you will need: newborn clothes, crib, trolley, furniture for the room ... And also prepare what you will do you need as the bag with the necessary things for the days that you are going to spend in the hospital or the nursing clothes.

It is also time to think about the name for your son. Will it be a boy or a girl? Is there already a name that you like? Perhaps it happens to you as with certain foods or smells, that that name that you liked so much, you don't like it at all. It happened to me with my second daughter, when I finally knew she was a girl, I didn't want the name I had in mind at all. How curious!

Here the rule that should guide your steps is that of no rush. Delivery, whether it was conventional or by cesarean section, requires a series of care and rIt also requires that time passes so that everything returns to its place. Some say that it takes a year to recover after childbirth, I have already been through two, I tell you that it takes more time, especially because sleepless nights take a toll. Better to focus on taking it easy and enjoying this exciting experience that is motherhood.

On the other hand, tell you not to neglect your feeding, even less if you breastfeed your baby; You should also drink a lot of water and do (after a few months after giving birth) some gentle exercise. It was great for me to raise my spirits and to disconnect for a few moments. You will also have to have marked in your agenda the checkups that you have with the doctor and the midwife. Don't forget to share with your loved ones how you feel and to lean on them in whatever way it takes.

Welcome to the mom team!

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